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Lifters Of The Month

December- Aaron Tronnes/Freshman

  • Aaron showed great improvement on his technique in December and is getting stronger and more explosive.

January- Joe Boggio/Freshman

  • Joe hasn’t missed a day so far in our off-season program and has shown tremendous improvement. He proves by being consistent, good results will come.

February- Parc Chamernick/Sophomore

  • Parc has shown tremendous leadership in the weight room as a sophomore. He is also gaining in strength each and every time he is in there.

March- Nick Thune/Freshman

  • Nick has the best attendance so far after four months.  He is making very impressive gains in strength and athleticism. The future is bright for Nick if he keeps working hard.

April- Phil Rebrovich/Freshman

  • Phil has not missed a day since he started after basketball season. His technique is improving each day and his strength gains are showing up. Phil has a bright future if he continues to work hard.

May- Jake Bestul/Junior

  • Jake is not a large person by any means, but the weights he is lifting are far above what a guy his size normally does.  He is been very dedicated and his progress is showing.

June- Parker Rhodes/Sophomore

  • Parker has been dedicated to the off-season program since we started. He has shown a great willingness to improve his technique and his explosiveness is becoming fun to watch. It has been a great 7 months for Parker!